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Click on the song titles to hear music by The Memos, Phase II and Variety.

    Welcome back to a new month of music. This month we are going back to late 1982 and early 1983 to what i like yo think of as our “Hamburg” period. We were raw and still learning how to be a band but full of energy and willing to play anywhere, anytime and with just about anyone. We had come out of the summer of 1982 with a booking agency and a few places that we played regularly like “The Raft” & the “The Thunderbird” as opening acts for some of Boston’s more popular bands. We filled in some gaps by still getting our own gigs at local bars like “The Mason Street Lounge” and “EM’s”. We are going to hear some tunes from both of those types of gigs this month. It is amazing what playing with a superior sound system will do for a band as I’m sure you will notice the difference.

Live at “The Thunderbird Club” in Tyngsboro, MA.

Pressure Drop- a cover from the Clash originally done by Toots and the Maytalls

A Joke- Memos original song by Dana

Trend- Memos original by Dana

Letters Home- Memos original by Dana

Shortbread (partial)- Memos original by Dana, surprisingly not played at lightning speed as we were known to do.

Stray Cat Strut- cover song by the Stray Cats

Nobody I know- Memos original by Dana

Rehearsal from the basement of “Caron’s Liquor Store” in Lawrence, MA. We recorded just about every rehearsal in some for or fashion as was our practice going back to 1977. Surprisingly, this is the only one that survived. Only the lead vocal microphone was plugged directly into the tape machine so backing vocals can be heard in the distance from the speakers of the PA.

Trust- original of Dana’s that we were rehearsing and recorded later in January 1983

Lightning- original of Dana’s that we had been playing for a while, so it may have just been a polishing

Chidsplay- original of Dana’s played at a breakneck speed. Recorded in January of 1983 and again in February of 1985 as part of a single. In hindsight on the recording in 1985, I wish i had played the rhythm guitar part with no distortion.

(I wish I was) Joey Ramone- original of Dana’s. This should have been recorded and released to radio as a single. It would have gotten airplay if just as a novelty song, but it may have cracked the door for us a little wider.

Spend some time- original of mine written shortly after seeing “Stray Cats”. Written not long after my breakup with girlfriend Sue when i was single and on the “rebound” I guess with somebody in mind.

Bonus Tracks

Whole Lotta Love- kind of a Devo meets Adam Ant version of Led Zeppelin recorded at one of those smaller clubs with our own small PA. System

All that i Care(partial) original of Dana’s in a small club

You can’t be in love with me- original of mine in its early form before Dana and i sang it together and with a different intro.

Honest Intentions- a true bonus track as Dana plays his newest original to me and friends while visiting MA in the summer of 1981. Very informal and recorded with a cassette recorder and lots of background noise.

Below you will find assorted videos on You Tube for The Memos, Phase II, Variety and Kangaroo Kourt

TV news story about a popular club The Memos used to play frequently, featuring an interview with Dana and music clip.