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    Happy New Year!! This month may be a bit of a hodgepodge of items but with a bit of a theme. Some of them will be “firsts” from The Memos covering the years 1976-1985. I hope you enjoy these tracks and live the dream with us through them. I’m sure there are many more firsts than the ones I listed below, but it’s a start!

Time and Time Again- This is the first song that Dana and I recorded together. An original composition of Dana’s, we recorded this in my living room at 803 W. 32Ave. In Bellevue, NE. I had only been playing guitar for a few months and it is pretty noticeable. Nonetheless, it is a pretty clean recording and the start of what would eventually become “The Memos”

Flying Reptiles- First original composition by Dana for our first band that we called “US”. Inspired by Ed Reed and me from stories of walking up towards the high school on Lincoln Road, the caterpillars would fly out of the high grass into our faces causing Ed to call them Flying Reptiles. “US” also included Craig Pendergast on guitar and Kirby Hills on Chord organ

JPFB- “Jim Plays Fuzz Bass” is from the first iteration of Phase II with Dana and me on guitars and Kirby on drums. Not necessarily the first recoding of this song but a good clean recording.

Forever- a sample of the first time we tried home multi tracking. During the summer of 1977, Dana and i made a number of recordings with each of us taking turns playing drums while Kirby was away for the summer.

Perfectly Perfect- probably the first time we recorded at home and got a decent sound with the exception of the guitar cutting out. Probably the first time Dana didn’t play guitar and just sang.

Feel it (Live)- First time we played in front of the student body at our High School in a “Gong Show”. Up until then we had been playing outside of school. Four guys wearing blue leisure suits playing rock and roll. A few calls to be gonged but we made it through unscathed and with a little bit of respect earned.

Someone like me- from the first rehearsal recording of when I joined “Variety”. Again, firsts, not the bests.

Lady Make Believe- first song entered in a songwriting contest, country and western at that. Recorded in Tom’s basement

Is it Real?- First time “Variety” did home multi tracking and one of the first sessions when Dana was using his new Telecaster.

A look from You- first recordings made the day after we officially became “The Memos” 1/1/1980

Based on Fact- first Memos song completed in MA.

Things we do- first song I wrote and played by the band and first Memos song recorded completely in MA.

Today- first Memos song that Mike Sheehy played on. Written as a response and tribute to Tom Wilde after he announced he wasn’t moving to MA.

Drag me Down- Fall of 1982, this may have been the first time we played it live. It was also our first 3 night road trip at “The Oxen Yoke” in N. Conway, NH

A Joke- first time that I remember Eric Preston doing the sound mix for us at “The Thunderbird” club in Tyngsboro, MA.

Shortbread- first studio recordings at Erick Preston’s studio, January 1982

Happy with my haircut- first Saturday night gig at “The Rat” in Boston. 1983

That Girl- First recording session I’m pretty sure it was 16 track ,1984

Childsplay- first female member of “The Memos” live in the summer of 1984 Cindy Morin on bass.

Alternatives- First recording session in a 24 track studio, unfinished for now. February 1985, with Alex.

Drawn and Quartered- first home 8 track recordings done at Alex’s house. 1985

Trouble in Doggyland- First gig where I played bass full time. Kennebunkport, ME. September 1985

Grey Area- First recorded version of this song and last known recording session by the Memos. 1985

Below you will find assorted videos on You Tube for The Memos, Phase II, Variety and Kangaroo Kourt

TV news story about a popular club The Memos used to play frequently, featuring an interview with Dana and music clip.