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   Happy November and time to be thankful for all that we have been blessed with! I’m thankful for having the opportunity to make music with some talented and good people. Doing something that you love with your best friends is never a job and The Memos was certainly a great adventure with my best friends.

This month we are going to look back as most of 1984 which probably the busiest live schedule we ever had. It was grind and we played in some great places and some not so great places but the comraderie that Dave, Dana and I built during that period in particular was unbreakable. When you live with each other 3-4 days a week in hotel/motel rooms you learn a lot about each other and to have survived it is a testament to our friendship. Along for the ride for most of it was Cindy Morin who was our bass player after Mike stepped away. I used to think that we weren’t really very good during this time, but in retrospect we actually became much tighter due to the sheer volume of gigs that we performed. We weren’t doing a lot of originals during this time but still snuck 2 or 3 in per set. Enjoy some of the summer of 1984!

Original Songs

During this time we relied heavily on originals that we had been playing while Mike was in the band. Cindy joined us at the last minute with a full slate of gigs and it was all we could do to get her on board with the covers we did, so originals were filtered in as we could.


Drawn and Quartered


You’re a nice guy, but...


My old neighborhood

Bonus Tracks

Middle of the Road

Talking in your sleep

London Calling/Brand New Cadillac


Hang on Sloopy

Rock this Town

Mystery Dance

Sunday Papers


Below you will find assorted videos on You Tube for The Memos, Phase II, Variety and Kangaroo Kourt

TV news story about a popular club The Memos used to play frequently, featuring an interview with Dana and music clip.