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Click on the song titles to hear music by The Memos, Phase II and Variety.

I feel like showing some love to phase II this month. Maybe it is because February was a busy month with a trip to the recording studio and a couple of gig that helped pay for that studio time. Also because we were becoming a better band and beginning to add some complexity to our arrangements. Dana’s songwriting was improving and overall things seemed to be going well.

None of these recordings were made professionally and while we tried to get the best outcome possible, we were limited by poor microphones and technical knowledge. Sometimes though, the results weren’t too bad.

Recorded Live on 2/26/1978

Wipe Out


Blue Suede Shoes

It’s you- original

Recorded during rehearsals, probably February or March 1978

She’s not There

I started a Joke


Be with Me- original

Perfectly Perfect - original

This Way- Original

Recorded live at the Bellevue East Gong Show- spring 1978

Feel It! -original

Below you will find assorted videos on You Tube for The Memos, Phase II, Variety and Kangaroo Kourt

TV news story about a popular club The Memos used to play frequently, featuring an interview with Dana and music clip.

Alternatives- 1984

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