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Click on the song titles to hear music by The Memos, Phase II and Variety.

   Happy October, hopefully the weather is getting cooler wherever you are. This month we are going to listen to some tracks from 1979 that were recorded in September and October in the home of Craig Pendergast. Dana and I were out of high school and Tom and Dave had just started their senior year. It certainly seemed that we knew that music was what we were going to pursue, we were on the verge of changing our name to “The Memos”, Tom and Dana were writing interesting songs that seemed to fit into the “new wave” scene even if we didn’t really know what that was and Omaha didn’t really seem to be a part of it. We were still basically a cover band playing occasional originals, mainly because that’s all we thought was available to us. It would be a couple of years before we were in Boston where playing originals was the norm. We were in our own world figuring out what we were going to do and learning how to be a band, it seemed this was serious.

This is a collection of recording made over a couple of weekends. Some were made straight to a two track reel to reel tape recorder while others were kind of a homemade way to multitrack with mixed results. We recorded basic tracks onto tape then transferred to another tape (cassette). We would then play the cassette version back into the reel to reel while adding additional instruments and vocal at the same time.

These first 3 songs were part of the reason that I felt we were on the right track.

Is it Real- Original by Tom, that we had started playing back in the spring of 1979

Must be a miracle- Original by Dana, that we had just started playing in the fall of 1979

A look from you- Original by Tom that had tons of commercial potential

Hand Clap Jam- Original by Dana. Reverb added in 2016.

Someone like me- Original by Tom, recorded straight to 2 track. This song was one of the first originals for the band. We never seemed to be able to record it well though.

So Nice- Original by Tom. I added some reverb/echo and remixed in 2016 to bring out some of the high end that   was lost on original versions

Cruel to be Kind- Nick Lowe classic

Ain’t that a shame- Fats Domino cover done in the style of Cheap Trick

Starry Eyes- cover of a song by a band called “The Records” that I had recorded off of KQKQ FM and thought it would be a cool song for the band.

One way or Another- Blondie classic. New wave songs that hit the mainstream were starting to get through in Omaha.

Bonus Tracks

Jumping Jack Flash- Peter Frampton version of Rolling Stones classic

I want you to want me- Cheap Trick again, the Budokan LP was one of our favorites.

American pie part 1- Don McLean classic

American Pie part 2- for some reason the burner though it was 2 different songs.

Must be a miracle- alternate mix from 2016

Below you will find assorted videos on You Tube for The Memos, Phase II, Variety and Kangaroo Kourt

TV news story about a popular club The Memos used to play frequently, featuring an interview with Dana and music clip.